LOCATION: Oklahoma JOBS - General Dynamics Information Technology

Lead Project Manager Oklahoma City, OK

Job Description Provides technical, administrative, and operational leadership to assigned project or task(s). At this level, the position is typically responsible for supervising up to 15 employees ' both exempt and non-exempt - working on a single project or task. Technical difficulty/complexity of assigned task/project may also affect level selection. 1. Provides technical, administrative, aRead More

Site Manager Oklahoma City, OK

Job Description Oversee site operations on a day-to-day basis, and ensure that work is done safely, on time and within budget and to the right quality standards. Responsible for preparing site prior to the commencement of construction project. This includes setting out the site and organizing activities. Site Manager is on hand throughout the build to assess progress and solve problems that arisRead More

Network Engineer Oklahoma City, OK

Job Description Responsible for the design and development of voice, video, radio-frequency, and/or data communications networks. 1. Analyzes voice, video, radio-frequency, and/or data communications networks, including planning, designing, evaluating, selecting, and upgrading operating systems and protocol suites and configuring communication media with concentrators, bridges, and other devicesRead More

Active Directory Administrator Oklahoma City, OK

Job Description The I&O Directory Services Branch authenticates and organizes user accounts and services on the network. It designates and enforces access rights across the network and tracks updates to individual and group directory accounts. It establishes policies and standards for individual and group objects and updates directory services based on patches and security needs. The Branch is orRead More